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Comments (12)

Save And Give
Great idea! Looking forward to this class. I have been "teaching" the class at our local FPA chapter, and look forward to learning from Doug how to present the material so it works, and doesn't put everyone in my audience to sleep with all the technicalities.
Save And Give , October 16, 2015
While admittedly self-serving, my goal is to make fulfilling the CFP Board requirement simpler and less expensive than other online providers. But what motivates me is the opportunity to make professional ethics relevant daily.

CFPs and other financial professionals are confronted every day with difficult ethical decisions.

What to do if a client says her spouse is insane and cannot be trusted with financial decisions?

What's a fair spread on a muni bond?

Should a client pay down a mortgage by taking money from an account you manage?

A4A can help CFPs and other advisors stay focused day to day on maintaining high ethical standards.

Rather than looking at fulfilling the CFP ethics requirement as a bi-annual responsibility you simply want behind you fast, I see providing the ethics class as an opportunity to help advisors stay focused on maintaining the highest ethical standards. I'm actually passionate about this.

agluck , October 17, 2015
Great addition. I read his book and play chess, too. Excellent.

Looking forward to the new class.
wealthpro , November 05, 2015
@wealthpro: Two of Doug's four children are chess champions! If A4A member are interested, we'll get Doug to do a webinar about using chess strategies in investing.
agluck , November 05, 2015
Great addition! A4A is increasingly become a one-stop resource for advisors and this is just another example.
dwaterbury , November 06, 2015
Andy, Great idea to get Doug to do that webinar. Some of the top hedge funds are managed by great chess player.
wealthpro , November 19, 2015
Any update on when this will be available?
JerryV , December 04, 2015
@wealthpro, thanks so much for reading "Rich As A King." We're about to announce a new "Chess Quotes Poster Book." I'd love to see what you think about it before we make it go live. If you'd be willing to take a look at it, let me know.
And @JerryV, we are in the final stages of getting the class ready. We've got a great team that's making it even better than last years.
dgoldstein , January 07, 2016

I would gladly take a look at the Chess Quotes Poster Book for you.
wealthpro , January 15, 2016
Great. Please send me your contact details, or just go to the "Contact us" page at RichAsAKing.com and reference this discussion.
dgoldstein , January 17, 2016
how does one get back on to ethics class if interrupted?????
ijd , March 02, 2016
Upon your purchase of the A4A Ethics course, you should have received a system email with the subject: "Advisors4Advisors - Thank you for purchasing our 2016 CFP Ethics CE course for A4A members.", which contains the unique link to access the Ethics course.
bresnik , March 03, 2016

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