Identity Branding For Success

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 16:09
Identity Branding For Success


Identity branding is an important aspect of every business.It allows you to package your unique value proposition in an effective way to attract your prospects. It also provides new opportunities for your firm. A consistent message and brand is essential in remaining in the minds of potential clients.

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Creating & Packaging a Message
The objective of identity branding is to create a memorable message and image for your audience. The first step is to articulate your message. If you need help, contact a boutique advertising or marketing firm and ask their opinion, or use your value proposition. Be imaginative in your delivery. Oftentimes, this is the first image that potential clients will see when they read a letter from your firm or visit your website. The next step is to converse with your audience. The goal is to create an emotional connection, so that they use your services.
Once you’ve decided on your message, it’s time for packaging. All your materials should use your logo and your message. This includes business cards, letterhead, envelops, websites, etc. With a consistent message, your brand will become the standard idea associated with you and your firm.
Constructing an Image
Image, or how others perceive you and your firm, is another important aspect of branding. There are four steps to building your image through community service: articulate a social problem, offer a real solution,contribute to the community and challenge businesses to participate. Use your strengths to help those in need. After taking up a cause you believe in, share it with your clients and prospects, send them an update on your mission and tell them how you are helping your community. Include your contact information and ask them if they would like more information on how to get involved. Community service is a positive way to build your image.
Writing articles is another way to increase your credibility. Choose topics in which you excel. Discuss family businesses, small business owners or issues that frequently affect your target audience. Pitch the article to publications that your potential clients may read. You can also send copies of the published article to prospects and clients. When they have an issue, they are more likely to contact you since you are the perceived expert in the area. This will not only help build your image, but also increases the number of opportunities you may have.
Identity branding isn’t always easy. However, utilizing these techniques can help you open doors. Branding creates awareness and gives your firm an advantage. By creating a clear message and image for you and your firm, potential clients are more likely to contact you when they need a financial advisor.


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Good simple message. Before an advisor can tweet, blog, build a website or a brochure, strategic fundamentals must be addressed. Unfortunately, it's a step in the marketing process that many RIAs -- if not most -- don't properly think through.
agluck , November 30, 2011

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