Making Connections: A Pipeline Of Leads Filled By LinkedIn

Tuesday, December 06, 2011 13:09
Making Connections: A Pipeline Of Leads Filled By LinkedIn

It’s important for financial advisors to build leads, which boost business development. In this technology driven age, LinkedIn is an excellent tool for financial advisors to identify prospective clients and referral sources.

This Website Is For Financial Professionals Only

LinkedIn was founded in 2002 by Reid Hoffman and today boasts over 100 million members in 200 countries making it the world’s largest professional networking website. Unlike other social networking sites, LinkedIn’s mission was to connect employers with potential job candidates and vice versa. Today, LinkedIn is the premier professional networking site for personal promotion, as well as business development.


LinkedIn offers many tactics that can be utilized by financial advisors to fill the pipeline of leads.By using the “advanced search” option, you can easily filter and narrow prospects in your targeted industry. The “advanced people search” has options to highlight keywords, names, locations and postal codes, as well as job titles, schools and companies. If individuals or businesses use certain keywords numerous times throughout their profile, those names should come up first on the search page.


For example, if CPAs are good referral sources for you, you can search for CPAs in your zip code and build your database of accountants. With LinkedIn’s Business, Business Plus or Executive paid accounts, you can search by company size, interests, years of experience and Fortune 1,000. Seniority level and function are in beta testing.

To further build the network and make quality connections with prospects, your invitation email should include a personal message explaining your intention and the benefit the person would receive by connecting with you.
While you can build a robust pipeline with FreeErisa and subscription databases, such as Judy Diamond and Larkspur, don’t neglect LinkedIn’s platform with increasingly better search capabilities, which can provide an important tool in the everlasting pursuit of leads.

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