Getting A Handle On The 6.2 Million-Strong "Delayed Retirement" Market

Monday, March 14, 2011 20:30
Getting A Handle On The 6.2 Million-Strong

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There are advisors out there who treat the Americans who turned 65 but need to keep working as a bit of a lost cause, but new data out there indicate that a lot of them could make viable small-scale clients.

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Remarkably, according to a recent poll of full-time workers above age 65, these delayed retirees are more likely than average to earn over $150,000 a year, live in a home worth $500,000 or more, and have significant liquid assets.


In other words, these working seniors are more likely than normal to be "mass affluent" prospects worth cultivating.


Howard Goldberg, who conducted the survey under the auspices of the market benchmarking Scarborough group, is worth quoting here:


"Banking and financial advertisers have a niche but powerful marketing opportunity" with these people, he says. 


And there are 6.2 million of them out there. 


The hard part is knowing that the seniors who are truly at risk tend to retire before they're ready anyway. With little decent advice and fewer assets by age 65, they simply don't show up on Scarborough's radar.


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