Keebler's 2016 Tax Extravaganaza Gets A 4.6-Star Rating And Prepares Advisors For Tax-Filing Season

Sunday, January 31, 2016 16:56
Keebler's 2016 Tax Extravaganaza Gets A 4.6-Star Rating And Prepares Advisors For Tax-Filing Season

Bob Keebler methodically tells financial advisors at this session what you need to know to serve clients this filing season and gives practcial tips to advisors aboout working with CPAs, lawyers and other professonals who prepare tax returns. 

Keebler received a 4.6-star ratiing and A4A members praised  session, including one reviewer complaining the two-hour, two-credit session was too short.

  • Very informative.  I will definitely watch the recorded video later.
  • Good info, maybe too basic for a CPA.
  • Great
  • Fantastic
  • Keebler a great speaker on tax issues,  get him again.
  • Generally helpful
  • Good refresher
  • Great
  • Very well done as usual!
  • Excellent
  • Bob is always amazing!
  • A bit long and well worth it. 
  • Great webinar, as usual!
  • Always great, I pick up a tie-bit each time he presents the topic.
  • Good basic overview
  • Very good
  • Lots of relevant info!
  • Great content
  • Learned some new things to help clients with
  • Great content - could use some more info on taxing MLPs
  • Keebler cuts right to the heart of the issues!
  • Jam-packed good stuff!
  • This is the first time when I've felt that Bob jumped around a bit too much.
  • I liked it but had some technical difficulties getting gotowebinar up and running
  • Bob does a good job of covering an awful lot of (sometimes tedious!!) ground.  (-;
  • Actually quite surprise by how clearly Bob was able to deliver so much information is so little time. 
  • Bob is great at making it easy to understand the material.
  • It would also be helpful to cover less topics in more depth
  • Bob is in a league by himself - give him a "6"
  • Did a nice job; I understood most of what he was presenting. I will probably listen to this again if possible.
  • I have listened to Bob's presentations so many times that I've lost count, however, each time I learn something new (and usually exciting too). Today's presentation was thorough, but rapid-fire, and kept your attention too. This is not easy to do when it comes to taxation. Bob, thank you for the fantastic service you (and Andy) provide to the advisory community. Please keep up the great work and look forward to your next presentation.
  • Too short
  • Would be helpful to have the 1040 to look at as each line is discussed.  Also helpful to see how some line items are calculated.  AMT example would be helpful
  • Very good on covering the basics.  I appreciated the review.   I have been spending time this past year on helping lower income early retirees qualify for the healthcare tax credit, and I don't think that was mentioned.  I live in WA where we have a successful state Obamacare plan.  Thank you Bob and Andy.
  • A little on the basic side ...some things were actually missed (e.g. single member LLCs are disregarded entities and do Schedule C's as well ... making it impossible to answer the multiple choice question in that area correctly - Also think that Bob erred a little much on the side of "letting the CPA handle that, in areas that were not really all that complex and could have created more value for the client
  • OK - not as useful for someone with moderately good tax knowledge
  • Excellent overview of the 1040 form
  • Good. I appreciated when he pointed out what certain fields on the return might mean and how it could be relevant to client conversation.


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