Get Ready For Congressional SRO Hearings In Two Weeks

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 08:17
Get Ready For Congressional SRO Hearings In Two Weeks

Tags: Dodd-Frank | SRO

The House of Representatives has reportedly scheduled September 13 as the date when formal debate on whether investment advisors should switch to a self-regulated model.

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Although there's nothing on the calendar yet, Advisor One has learned that a House subcommittee is talking about the SRO in two weeks.


We'll be watching to see who the people and groups invited to provide testimony are. Expect at least FINRA to show up to pitch the case that self-regulation -- under the FINRA umbrella or otherwise -- for advisors won't be so bad.


The case for the opposition is more fragmented. Who will Congress invite to argue against a self-regulatory organization for advisors? 

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