Third Research Magazine Preview Focuses On Implementing Listening And Communication Skills

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 08:29
Third Research Magazine Preview Focuses On Implementing Listening And Communication Skills

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The third in the preview of Research Magazine’s February issue is by Bill Good and talks about a new book just out on the secrets of excellent communication.
Good’s article is more than just a book review. It offers tips on how to implement what’s in the book.

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Not unlike other professional how-to’s, the book begins with a value proposition exercise. Good recommends going through the exercise, submitting your resulting value proposition to compliance, then posting it on your website.
Don’t just leave it there. Go over it with clients and use it as the foundation for the client experience you wish to create.
Next is the warning not to confuse sales tips with communication tips. No sales process will work if your communication skills are lacking.
Critical listening skills are…critical. They both enhance trust and help you and your client discover the real problem.
Good then lays out a script for focusing attention on the client.
He says critical listening skills are the conduit for delivering your message to the client with substance and style.
And added opinion would be that such substance and style should be dictated by what is discovered about the client’s needs during the listening process and also by how the client likes to receive information.
Delivering information in a way that counters a client’s learning or listening style doesn’t get you far on the communication skillset trajectory.

The name of the book Good recommends is "The Financial Professional's Guide to Communication: How to Strengthen Client Relationships and Build New Ones."

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