What Do Charles Schwab, Personal Finance, And Rap Music All Have In Common?

Thursday, April 11, 2013 12:26
What Do Charles Schwab, Personal Finance, And Rap Music All Have In Common?

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What do Charles Schwab, personal finance, and rap music all have in common? Not much. Still, their convergence resulted in the production of an infectious music video created by an Indianapolis teen who won the grand prize winner in a financial literacy hip hop contest sponsored by Charles Schwab Foundation.

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The competition is called the Money Matters Music Mogul (M4) Contest, and 15 year old Blake McGuire’s song, Money All That Matters!, received more than 100,000 votes on myclubmylife.com and is featured on the first-ever financial literacy-themed hip hop album.


Young McGuire’s rap is not great poetry and doesn’t convey much personal finance wisdom, and the video ironically features a banner in the background promoting Greece. But you have to give the give the Schwab foundation credit for getting teens to think about personal finance.


“Let’s face it, personal finance in itself may not seem all that interesting to teens, so we’re always looking for fresh ways to light a spark," said Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, president of Charles Schwab Foundation in a press release. “We thought hip hop was a genre they would find relevant, and the success of the contest proved us right. I've been really impressed with the results, and have to say that I can’t get this year’s winning song out of my head!”


It is a great song!

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