The Results Of Women's Money Management Roles May Defy Expectations

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 11:24
The Results Of Women's Money Management Roles May Defy Expectations

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Women traditionally are thought to be more conservative in managing money. But a recent survey says that women banking executives are taking more risks than their male counterparts.


In the increased focus on equal treatment and equal pay between men and women, little attention has been pxaid to how women and men function differently in similar roles. The authors of a Bundesbank research report are saying political forces in Europe should take these different role performances to heart in formulating public policy.

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The risk taking isn’t limited to women. Younger people in executive roles also took more risks, while adding Ph.D.s to the mix made management teams more conservative.  
The report examined banking roles based on gender, age, and education from 1994 to 2010. Many of the findings were attributed to different levels of experience and also different levels of education. People of both genders who had Ph.D.’s were more inclined to be sophisticated risk managers than those with less education and less experience.


What this implies about American women in executive positions is unclear since the report was based on European banks. A similar report conducted on women in management positions across the globe would have greater impact.

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