Advisors Tell Distributors How To Make Better Annuities

Wednesday, October 05, 2011 07:47
Advisors Tell Distributors How To Make Better Annuities

Simplicity and regular updates are key for developing the next generation of annuity products, advisors recently told members of the insurance industry.

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The Insured Retirement Institute featured a panel of advisors at its most recent conference.  


They warned the industry that annuities need to get simpler, more uniform, and ultimately easier to compare.


Costs have to be spelled out clearly and updated automatically, much as mutual fund expenses are now automatically tracked in the big fund databases.


Wholesalers also need to recognize that various annuities are not suitable for all clients. To get their products wider exposure, they need to be clear about potential pitfalls and do a better job of pigeonholing roughly what type of problem each contract aims to solve.


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