10 Minutes With Independent Economist Fritz Meyer On Whether The Bull Market Is Ending; Fritz Gets A 4.8 Rating From Attendees

Monday, March 17, 2014 18:39
10 Minutes With Independent Economist Fritz Meyer On Whether The Bull Market Is Ending; Fritz Gets A 4.8 Rating From Attendees

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How does a speaker on investments go before an audience of independent practitioners month after month and consistently earn a 4.8 star-rating from attendees?

There’s only one explanation. The guy is that good. Fritz Meyer is that good.
Here’s a sample of just how good.
At the 75-minute monthly update webinar, Fritz spent 22 minutes on whether the bull market is losing steam. Below is a 10-minute version of what he said. I inserted visual cues, disclosures, transitions, and commentary to make the content easy to understand. (In addition to sharing it here on A4A, this video also serves as my latest content marketing campaign for advisor websites using The Financial Advisor Content Marketing System.)

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In a 10-minute tour-de-force, Fritz concisely explains fundamentals driving investment markets, including:
  • the fallacy of market timing
  • the distorted readings of the Shiller PE
  • key valuations in this bull market versus the tech bubble
  • recent consumer confidence ratings versus the tech bubble
  • the current and forward-looking p-e ratio versus historical p-e ratios
  • why CBO’s 10-year GDP forecast could be a really big deal 
Comments from attendees:
  • Wouldn't miss a presentation
  • Ran a little long but good as usual.
  • Thank you for another great webinar Fritz! Some of the new charts were very interesting and useful in understanding your position on the economy and markets. Please keep up the good work.
  • Always great!
  • Please do make these 2 hours in length .... this is great info ... too much for an hour and we always go over anyway
  • The information provided and the balance in the discussion is very helpful to discern between fact and fiction; and provide the insights, along with the data points, as to the whys and wherefores that mainstream media and talking heads express the views they do.
  • Longer session in April would be good.
  • Great information as always.
  • Always fantastic - combined with JP Morgan Guide to the Market series I get a comprehensive view of our economic trends
  • Outstanding!
  • Fritz was brilliant, as usual.
  • Very good. did a good job answering questions
  • Great job as usual
  • Excellent as always.
  • Great as always
  • Excellent as always. Perhaps it should be billed as a 75 minute presentation as Fritz seems to continually run out of time..
  • Outstanding as always - i would like to have the slides for $25/month - please contact me to arrange 
  • Look forward to it each month
  • Great!
  • Fritz is great!
  • First time I attended this session. I will make it a regularly attended event on my calendar. Great job.
  • Fritz always does an excellent job of keeping us focused on the important information and a reasonable reading of it.
  • Great info, a little long.
  • Excellent. As usual, Fritz does a tremendous job with a tsunami of economic data


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