75 Ways To Generate Tax-Alpha, A Two-Credit 110-Minute CE Webinar By Bob Keebler, Gets A 4.7 Rating, Rave Reviews From Advisors And Is Available 24/7

Saturday, May 31, 2014 14:06
75 Ways To Generate Tax-Alpha, A Two-Credit 110-Minute CE Webinar By Bob Keebler, Gets A 4.7 Rating, Rave Reviews From Advisors And Is Available 24/7

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75 Ways To Generate Tax-Alpha, a two-credit 110-minute webinar led by Bob Keebler, is getting rave reviews from advisors and is now available 24/7 to A4A members. It’s the first in a two-part series offering a total of four continuing professional education credits to CFPs, CPAs, EAs, CIMCs, ChFC, CLUs, Part 2 will be broadcast live on June 27 and then available on demand on A4A.

The breadth and depth of Keebler’s sessions at the low cost of an Advisors4Advisors membership ($60 a year) makes this a watershed in educating financial professionals. Never before has continuing education of such high quality been so easy and affordable to financial advisors.

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About 1200 advisors pay $60 a year for A4A’s news coverage about wealth management and managing a practice, which comes in the form of these webinars, and A4A membership is growing fast thanks largely to Bob’s collaboration with me on A4A along with Fritz Meyer and other thought leaders.   
Bob received a 4.7 rating from attendees of the live session, despite the quick pace of this tour de force of advanced tax planning. Please rate and comment on the session if you view the replay. Here are all the comments from attendees received after the live session: 
  • It was my first Keebler webcast and it seemed jam packed with information. It may be nice to have a little more in depth coverage of the topics, broken out into different webinars.
  • Very well done!
  • Excellent info...many practical ideas that we can implement with clients
  • Great overview of tax planning strategies.
  • Another super job by Bob in presenting this information to advisers. The session ran almost 2 hours, but it was well worth the time, Bob provided several reminders of both basic and more complex tools and techniques by which to engage in tax management strategies for clients. I agree that having this information will set an adviser apart from his not-so-enlightened peers. Thanks.
  • Too long
  • Very, very good. Could have used more time for more details, but, as long as this is archived, it should be OK
  • This was awesome, loved it. Great job guys. I feel I can add immediate value to my clients.
  • Very good
  • If professionals were the target, there were too many fundamental concepts noted or they or excessively explained. Would not qualify as an intermediate course.
  • Fantastic tax details
  • Excellent
  • Great Program!
  • More, more, more...
  • This could be broken into many series, more than the two offered.
  • Outstanding
  • Maybe the best one yet
  • Very complex topic. I did not know there was so much I did not know.
  • Good
  • It was great. However, it was long and dense. Hard to keep attention that long.
  • On Bob's next....discuss options for individuals with large IRA's (over $2M) and are in or nearing RMD. Always a great one



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