How Meditation Enables You To Make Better Decisions Leading To More Success

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 10:06
How Meditation Enables You To Make Better Decisions Leading To More Success

Stress management is on everyone's mind, and meditation can help. While it used to be considered “out there”, today scientists from all over the world can document the many advantages from the regular practice of stress reducing tools such as meditation.

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However, meditation not only keeps you emotionally centered during uncertain economic times and difficult markets, it also enables you to think more clearly and make better decisions.

Meditation provides physical, mental, emotional and social benefits which can help advisors not only feel better, but feel better about themselves as well, by increasing creativity, intelligence, and enhancing relationships. All of which leads to more success.

Where the mind goes, the body must follow. By allowing the mind to naturally settle down to finer and finer levels of thought, the body also gains much needed deep rest. The deep rest gained during meditation releases accumulated stress and fatigue from the physiology. When you come back into activity you feel refreshed, focused, happier, less stressed and more productive.

Remember one of those days when you were in the zone? Nothing seemed to bother you. Meditation is a systematic way to access this state of awareness on a regular basis. It not only relaxes the mind and body, but enlivens them as well. It enables you to naturally access the zone more often, and maintain it for longer periods of time. You gain the ability to side step the arrows that are coming at you all day long. You look better, feel better, and produce more, with less effort.

The result is that you have more energy, let's say at three in the afternoon, to call clients or finish a project you might otherwise put off. It also gives you more energy to go work out, make meaningful connections with friends, or just not crave so many artificial sweets. You'll also find that clients are more attracted to your renewed energy and sense of clarity and enthusiasm. While it has yet to be proven scientifically, I think everyone can appreciate the principal that the healthier we are, the more income we can earn from the increase in both the quantity and quality of our activity.

Psychologists tell us that most of us operate with only about 10-15% of our brain's total capacity. The challenge of becoming more successful is not so much a challenge of technique or methodology, but of increasing one's capability. You know you should be focusing on your most important activities, but all these obstacles exist. How do you gain the ability to implement? The key is to unlock that other 85% of your brain.

Meditation relieves the deep stresses which are currently using up valuable mental and emotional resources, freeing up your mind and nervous system for more productive activities. You make better decisions, seeing possibilities and solutions to problems where none previously seemed to exist. You feel more relaxed and genuinely confident in your dealings with people, and others can tell the difference. In effect, you access more of that untapped 85% of the brain.

With practice over time, your mind and body get used to operating from this expanded level of consciousness (awareness), enabling you to create better results, including more income, improved health, and more fulfilling relationships. Try it, you'll like it! What have you got to lose, except maybe a little stress?

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I couldn't agree more-especially in times of great uncertainty.
dkbjwb , March 18, 2011

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