If You Are Not Bumping Into People Who Want To Help You Because You Are Doing Good Work, Then You Need To Fix That Part Of Your Life

Wednesday, April 04, 2012 20:29
If You Are Not Bumping Into People Who Want To Help You Because  You Are Doing Good Work, Then You Need To Fix That Part Of Your Life

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Humility has always prevented me from buying into the notion of American exceptionalism, but change wrought by the Internet is making me rethink.

The Internet now makes it easy for smart people to find each other and work together. I'm experiencing this every day.


It’s why the stock market is rising. It’s why optimism is returning. And it’s actually a really big deal for civilization.

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The Internet, it's fair to say, is an American invention -- not Al Gore's, but the U.S. Defense Department's.
Moreover, in addition to being made in America, the Internet was made for America.
America is good at change. That’s our thing. We also do freedom well, and we reward big ideas. America also wants good to triumph. That’s the American way.
That’s also the way of the Internet.
The Internet is reshaping the world and America is leading that charge.
The accelerated pace of change poses an enormous challenge to institutions and governments worldwide.
America’s history of openness and support for the free expression of ideas is its strength. Those values just happen to be the what's needed to succeed during the Dawn of Internet Age.
Therein lies a lesson.
If you are not regularly getting calls from people who are inspired by your message, you’re not doing enough.
If you are not bumping into people who want to help you because what you are doing is good, then you need to fix that part of your life.
Get in touch with the universe or do whatever is needed to figure it out. But fix that.
If you are patient, I guarantee it will work.


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Excellent! You should get Nick Murray on here some time to talk about Optimism being the only rational mindset to live with. And, welcome to the America IS truly exceptional club. My immigrant grandparents, may they rest in peace, gave up family fortunes to come here. (Kind of a case of "You can't take it with you.")
vguettlein , April 05, 2012

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