From Roshomon to Rosebud: I'll Tell You My Story About Building A $500 Million AUM RIA; Please Tell Us Your Story

Monday, April 09, 2012 11:04
From Roshomon to Rosebud: I'll Tell You My Story About Building A $500 Million AUM RIA; Please Tell Us Your Story

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I'm happy to be writing for Advisor4Advisors. This maiden entry details the intent of the blog, which aims to provide shared experiences to a community of like-minded advisors who can benefit from our decisions. This is especially relevant since all RIAs face similar inflection points along their path. I'll do my best to avoid inflicting anyone with my opinions on practice management. After all, how many of these have we all read in vain.

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Over the last 11 years, McLean Asset Management Corporation (MAMC) has grown from a hungry start-up of an advisory firm to an established RIA firm with more than half a billion under management, and we are looking to get to that next phase.


Cliff Notes
For a better understanding of what we are about, the “cliff notes” version is to establish an elite institutional wealth management firm of advisors who are dedicated to being at the center of our clients’ financial lives. Through it all, we have been guided by three core beliefs: independence, empiricism, and proactive client service.


I aim to provide entries that represent my memories of MAMC’s evolution and others that will provide a more current view of our trajectory. Think of it as a running repository of issues, decisions, and thoughts that MAMC will face in executing its business plan.

Establishing a vision and mission statement for your firm is the easy part. Being able to follow it through is the rub. Through our exchanges, we can hopefully reduce the oncoming friction of implementation.


Pretentious References
I reference the film Roshomon in this entry because this blog represents my reality. Everyone may tell a different story but I’m writing the blog. That’s what the comment section is for. I invite all who have had related experiences to present their take there.

Rosebud is a reference to Citizen Kane. Because this entry represents a beginning of sorts for MAMC, and I am reminded of a famous scene in the film classic where Orson Welles and Joseph Cotton laid out a vision for how they would build a newspaper that represents, “all things right.” (Although what follows in the film is essentially Orson Welles’s best impersonation of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.)


As an aside, I was unable to find the vision statement scene in Citizen Kane but since I was already combing the film’s clips on Youtube, I found this classic “running a business” scene.




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Looking forward to reading your posts.
ericm205 , April 10, 2012

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