It May Take More Than Personality Tools To Put Together An Effective Team

Monday, May 14, 2012 11:44
It May Take More Than Personality Tools To Put Together An Effective Team

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Developing a successful team may seem to be as simple as finding people with complementary skills. Yet, that simple formula has the potential to work against you and to create a group of people who become more entrenched in their own expertise at the expense of working together to serve clients.

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Potential partners and advisory teams often use the Myers-Briggs test to distinguish personality types and as the basis for forming a well-rounded team. But such tests may also promote labeling. Labeling and stereotyping can lead to misunderstanding and internal conflicts. Our perceptions of others determine how we treat them. How we treat and view others can also become contagious within the team.
This doesn’t mean that tools like Myers-Briggs can’t be useful. But they may be insufficient in addressing fully the complexities of human relationships. Gathering input from team members about mistakes they’ve seen other teams make can help you design a strategy to avoid those mistakes. Revisiting these topics from time to time can help you monitor danger signals on an ongoing basis.
Forming a partnership that works well for everyone is one of the most difficult challenges advisors can face. The more challenges you can anticipate and the more responsibility each team member takes for the team’s success can keep you on track toward the goal’s everyone wishes to achieve.

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