Knowing When To Fire Clients Can Help You Build Client Loyalty At A Higher Level

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 07:16
Knowing When To Fire Clients Can Help You Build Client Loyalty At A Higher Level

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One of the essential keys to success in the advisory business is to know which business to keep and which business to let go. You may have a client who is a top fee generator in your book. But if that client is difficult to deal with and takes an inordinate amount of time—and emotional toll—from your overall practice, then it may be in your best interests to let him or her go.

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Just because a client has a lot of money and is accustomed to telling people what to do does not mean he or she is a good client for you. The first step is to do a little homework and decide what characterizes the clients you would deem as ideal. What do you enjoy most about working with them? Do they allow you to do your best work for them? These are questions you may not have taken time to answer but they are key components of a thriving business.
In building loyalty among the client relationships that fit your parameters, there are at least six ways to build and maintain trust and loyalty over the course of the relationship:
  • Care enough to put their needs first
  • Be professional and surround yourself with people who support your standards
  • Develop a strategy you believe in and implement it
  • Learn to communicate beyond the communication skills level
  • Be tenacious; never give up
  • Be ever mindful of your reputation and build your business to support your brand
You don’t have to work with everyone who has a nice nest egg. Known when to turn away a client can be even more important to your business growth as taking on a client with a  multiple seven-figure portfolio.


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