Rock-And-Roll Wealth Manager Making Headlines, Months Before Launching

Thursday, August 25, 2011 08:05
Rock-And-Roll Wealth Manager Making Headlines, Months Before Launching

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We've talked about Meridian Rock Capital around here before, but the company's rock star image is still making waves even though it's delayed opening its doors until October.

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You might recall Meridian Rock from its initial PR splash a few months ago.


With hard rock guitarist turned finance columnist "Duff" McKagan -- formerly of Guns 'n' Roses -- in front and portfolio management advice from Independent Advisory, the company seemed like a natural press magnet.


McKagan would use his cachet in the music world to attract clients who wanted a sympathetic perspective on their unique lifestyle and cash flow requirements.


And all those celebrities would bring in the rest of the high-net-worth crowd.


The latest news is that Meridian Rock has delayed its launch until October -- possibly due to "market conditions."


In the meantime, it's still a testament to the power of niche marketing. You're probably not a former rock star, but you might have been in the armed forces, an academic, a dot-com whiz kid, an athlete, or had some other past life.


You might really enjoy sailing or charity work now. These are what makes you and your firm special. You might not necessarily want to attract only ex-academics, but simply letting them know where you come from can't hurt.


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