Four Major Objectives Factor In The Reasons Clients May Hire You

Monday, March 26, 2012 10:03
Four Major Objectives Factor In The Reasons Clients May Hire You

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The reasons clients hire you are changing. A new report highlights four basic objectives clients want you to fulfill for them.

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·         Steady income
·         Globalization
·         Alternative investments
·         Liability management
Out of these, the report says that 20% of all searches will be for managers of alternative and real-estate investments. Clients are also looking for emerging market and high yield debt and want their portfolios to include multiple asset classes which are uncorrelated to each other.
Clients are becoming less tolerant of asset managers who underperform. They also expect portfolios to be benchmarked to global indexes, not just domestic ones. The survey included those who consult on pension plans as well as retail investors who hire external money managers. Increasingly, individual investors are expecting similar benefits offered to institutional clients but tailored to their specific needs.

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