Legacy Planning Is A Gateway To More Women Clients

Monday, March 26, 2012 11:07
Legacy Planning Is A Gateway To More Women Clients

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When it comes to leaving a legacy, women of all levels of wealth are ones who are most concerned. Women tend to associate money with feelings of security, freedom, and independence. They also tie the benefits of having wealth to the needs of their families. They view wealth as a means by which to fulfill their dreams and those of their family members.

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The intangible benefits of wealth are the ones that count with women. Someone to help create a plan for transferring the values associated with these intangible aspects along with management of the more tangible aspects of wealth is what women are searching for.
Three ways you can help women achieve their goals include:
·         Documenting the legacy women wish to leave
·         Facilitating legacy conversations between women and family members
·         Create an investment strategy aligned with the legacy women wish to leave
Legacy interests may be religious, moral, environmental, ethical, corporate, or philanthropic. More and more wealthy people are utilizing philanthropy as a legacy tool and an educational tool for their families. Since these two objectives are top ones for women, it’s no surprise that women are writing bigger and bigger checks to support their philanthropic interests. These are, obviously, interests they would like their families to know about (although they may make most of their contributions anonymously) and would like to see continued.  

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