Tweet Watching Can Inspire A Multi-Strategy Thought Process

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 09:20
Tweet Watching Can Inspire A Multi-Strategy Thought Process

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Keeping up with what’s happening on Twitter can clue you in to what your clients are thinking  and help you learn to tweet effectively. It can help you take a first step into social media or augment your existing social media strategy. It can also show you what your competition is doing.


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Looking at the most popular mutual funds and how they are using Twitter can prove to be particularly insightful. You can see how their tweets are attracting followers, what they are directing followers, and who they are following. You come away with a nicely woven network of feed strategy.
Interestingly, the funds with the largest number of followers had the widest variety of comments from the greatest number of followers.
Take a look at the top 10. Then, look more closely at the ones that interest you most.
@Leggmason; 1218
@jpmorganfunds; 4252
@putnamtoday; 5841
@invescous; 15,604
@oppfunds; 15,536
@ingdirect; 26,483
@usaa; 26,965
@fidelity; 44,031
@vanguard_group; 57,090
@pimco; 61,694


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