Starting Conversations With Prospects

Thursday, March 29, 2012 11:44
Starting Conversations With Prospects

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Sometimes it’s hard to start a conversation with a prospective client, especially about personal issues around money management. Prospects may feel more comfortable talking about financial matters if you are willing to share more information about yourself.

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Skilled conversation takes practice. You have to be more interested in listening than in talking.
Your first words should set someone at ease. Yet good conversation has a purpose instead of being unfocused.
You don't want to make prospects and clients feel rushed. Eye contact, body language, and expressions must be natural. Asking questions that encourage clients to give you more information makes them feel important to you. Take notes as they answer but first ask if that’s okay.
Some good starting points:
  • If they own a business, how did they get started?
  • If it's a wealthy family in later generations, ask about ancestors and their struggles
  • If you share an interest with the prospect, find out how passionate they are about it
  • If they contacted you about a specific problem you also experienced, let them know
  • Keep financial information simple and applicable to their situation


Listening is a skill that develops over time. You can learn to ask better questions as you go along. It will soon become so natural that it will make you feel as comfortable as you want your client to feel. Then it becomes easier to introduce and discuss almost any topic relevant to their financial well-being.



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