Divorcing Clients Need Your Listening Ear Before They Can Hear Your Advice

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 07:00
Divorcing Clients Need Your Listening Ear Before They Can Hear Your Advice

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When dealing with clients going through a divorce, educating both parties becomes essential to guiding them through parsing up the financial assets. Many women may want to keep the house, for example, when they may not be able to qualify to own the home. Men may not realize how a battle with their former spouses may affect their relationships with their children.

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This is where you can be a great source of support to whichever party is your client. Women may be better off focusing on the financial assets instead of a cumbersome hard asset like the house which might end up being more of a burden than a blessing. Women want to stay in their homes, yet showing them how to manage financial settlements so they can get a home for which they can qualify might be a better option than staying in the one they currently live in.

Talking to men about the division of assets from a business perspective rather than an emotional one can help them see the effects the process may have on their children. In any event, the more communication and education can occur during the process, the better. Your role can be a vital one in listening first and foremost. Just the ability to talk to someone can help clients think more clearly. Then, you’re likely to have a more open door to guide them in a achieving a more optimal outcome for the divorcing parties as well as any children involved.


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