Technology Can Offer An Efficient Way To Show Your Authenticity And Attract New Business

Monday, June 11, 2012 09:04
Technology Can Offer An Efficient Way To Show Your Authenticity And Attract New Business

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Marketing is an essential component of growing your business and it’s an issue that may receive intermittent attention. After all, you have increasing demands on your time every single day. Creating a structure for your marketing activities can be key to reaching your business growth objectives. Utilizing technology can make this an efficient process and make you feel you have an entire marketing team at your disposal.

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Kristin Harad has created an automated system that provides a structure for that process. She outlines six steps that she says are effective in converting leads to clients. The first step is to capture the attention of visitors to your website. This is also be referred to by web designers as a call to action.

A big point of a call to action is to get the visitor engaged in your process. A great way to do this is to offer something like a white paper or other piece of valuable information in exchange for their demographic and contact information. The key is to make all of your online communications—even the automated ones—part of your personal style. Let clients get to know you a bit with each piece of communication.
It’s also a good idea to set up some type of screening element in the initial call to action that would eliminate those who are not good prospects for you. For example, if you are specifically targeting a niche, you could ask a question that your ideal prospects should know but that the prospect who does not fit your niche may not be able to answer.
This first interaction should lead to a direct conversation, ideally a face-to-face one. It’s important to ensure the prospect has a favorable experience with each step of your process so that they will become eager with each step to become more engaged with you.
Using technology to support your face-to-face conversations, send prospective clients information that is of personal interest to them, and becoming a valuable resource for them round out the process. Technology makes each step more efficient.
With your personal touch and by letting your authenticity shine through, you can create a system that works reliably and, through which, your clients and you will be able to build a valuable relationship.


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