Writing Consultant Says That Being Savvy Is Not Enough To Make You Successful

Monday, September 24, 2012 08:11
Writing Consultant Says That Being Savvy Is Not Enough To Make You Successful

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In a recent AdvisorOne interview, writing consultant Susan Weiner notes that just being a savvy advisor in today’s world is not enough to guarantee success. It’s increasingly important to build community through online communications but many advisors face writing challenges that keep them from garnering attention from investors.

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Wiener specializes in helping advisors with their communications hurdles. She also holds a CFA charter and has worked as an industry professional so she has first-hand knowledge of the challenges advisors face.
It’s essential to know the needs of your market audience well enough to be able to address their top concerns spot on. This is the way you can command attention from those who need your help.
Wiener outlines a four-step process for writing more effectively, with knowing your audience as Step #1.
The second step is to learn how to write compelling subject lines for your emails and blog posts. The subject line should also be carried through the body of the email or post.
Step Three is to get to the heart of the issue right away. Readers have limited time and will pass over an item that does not grab their attention.
Lastly, use simple language that provides clarity. Many financial concepts are more complex than readers want. Making it simple for them saves time and shows you really understand their issues.
Avoid industry jargon completely. An email or blog post filled with jargon is a turnoff for readers.
Taking a few minutes to think about your communications with your clients and the responses they have given will clue you in about your communications effectiveness. 
Measuring marketing results also provides an objective window into client receptivity and your success in getting the attention your expertise should command.


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