Too Much Information? Advisors Urged To Use Social Media Like Anyone Else

Monday, February 06, 2012 08:14
Too Much Information? Advisors Urged To Use Social Media Like Anyone Else

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Many professionals naturally keep their private lives out of their business-oriented social media profiles. That's not quite the right approach, says one advisor who's won clients on LinkedIn in particular.

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Cathy Curtis, who runs Curtis Financial Planning, says her social media presence gives her a way to talk about herself and let potential clients get to know her.


Then, when they need financial help, they turn to her.


Too relentless a focus on the market or other professional topics gets in the way of that.


It's an interesting observation. Instead of thinking about a social media presence as a corporate communications channel, think of it as a truly "social" channel -- like going to a party or other purely "fun" networking event.


Naturally, you're there to meet people and maybe find a few prospects. But talking too much about the markets and how great you are will leave you talking in an echo chamber by the end of the evening.


For better or worse, things like Facebook exist to generate fluffy party conversation. People expect and enjoy that.


Naturally, advisors are limited by regulations on what they can and can't talk about. But Curtis may be onto something big here.

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