Financial Advisors Should Publish In Professional Trade Magazines

Wednesday, March 07, 2012 16:17
Financial Advisors Should Publish In Professional Trade Magazines

Just about every profession and industry has a trade journal that serves its member of that profession or industry. This offers financial advisors another venue to show their expertise and gain name recognition and expert status in a very targeted way by publishing articles on financial matters catered to that specific audience.

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By going through your client list, you should be able to figure out if there is a niche client you are serving. It is worthwhile to know your client make-up. Do you have more doctors than any other profession? 


There are several trade publications that reach doctors and dentists that do take outside byline articles from financial experts on financial topics particularly relevant to those in the field, including Medical Economics; Dental Economics; Chiropractics Economics; and American Chiropractor Magazine.
Be sure to visit their websites and read through a few issues of the magazine as well as go to their advertising section and media kit, which will give the demographics of the readership and the all important editorial calendar so you can see what financial topics are planned for their readership over the next twelve months, and be able to target a pitch email to the editor offering yourself as a expert author willing to write a byline article pro bono to share your specific knowledge with other professionals in that industry.  
Perhaps you have a very eclectic client list that stretches across many different industries and professions, which may be all the better. You then can take your byline article and rewrite it so that it speaks to different professions in each version. There may be issues that are relevant to doctors you serve, but not to others in different fields. Ask yourself, “What is it about this client in their field that is different and that I treat differently in the way I service them or invest for them.” Maybe they are part time workers in their field and need better cash flow management to get them through the off season.
Great reference material for finding all the different professional trade journals is Bacon’s Magazine Directory published by Cision, which can be found at some public libraries. This provides you with a complete listing by industry of all publications available, along with contact info, websites, etc.
So the next time you have some down time or are revamping your marketing and public relations strategies, don’t neglect to think about publishing in professional trade journals as a way to growth your practice.

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This is very smart. A lot of advisors tend to want to publish or get quoted in their own trades in order to establish themselves as thought leaders in their profession, but the exposure they really want is in those journals of chiropractic and so on.

And if they see a niche that doesn't have an in-house financial guru, that's an opportunity to create a business.
ScottMartin , March 08, 2012

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