Write Your Own News Releases, Become Known Locally

Friday, April 13, 2012 11:16
Write Your Own News Releases, Become Known Locally

The news release is alive and well and often published verbatim by local media outlets, but few financial advisors take advantage of this. With staff cuts at press outlets and the constant need for content for various multimedia, there is an opportunity for advisors to write and distribute their own news releases and become known locally.

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The first question advisors ask is, “How do I know what’s news?” Changes to your business are often news, such as new hires, company milestones and anniversaries, new offerings, changes in service. Local media want to cover local happenings in their local business community.


The next question an advisor often asks is, “How do I write a news release?” There is a standard format and one that can be found on thousands of company websites. One of the beauties of the Internet is the accessibility to information. Explore other advisor sites for ideas and examples of news releases.


The inverted pyramid is still the standard for a news release. A catchy headline that sums up the news in one or two lines. A dateline: where is the news coming from – what city? A lead for the first paragraph, again summing up the news, for example, announcing a new hire, and attribution to who is making the announcement.


The next paragraph should be a quote from the person making the announcement, followed by more details of the news, in the new hire example, what will be the responsibilities. Next, a quote from the person making the news; the new hire, followed by more details; what was their last position, education, experience, etc.


Lastly, a “boilerplate” paragraph about the company – the standard information about the company, as well as a website for more information.


Be sure to have a contact on the release so media have someone they can call for more information, as well as the date and for immediate release. Attach a head shot photo to the email to the editor.


Think PR and use events happening at your firm to generate news releases that get you noticed.

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But how do you get a newspaper to publish it in a timely manner ? Are there ways to get out on the associated press easier without the sponsorship of a local paper.
Schretter , April 16, 2012
Bill Bongiorno
Dear Schretter,

Try tying it to a trend or story already in the news to make it more timely. Local papers tend to run Associated Press stories because they don't have the staff to cover it. Often, these are financial stories. The way to get into AP stories that are printed by hundreds of newspapers around the country is again to look at current stories and offer yourself as an expert. For an example, I have a financial advisor that is a pilot, I was able to arrange interviews for him by contacting the AP and Reuters writers covering the AMR pilot pension debacle, in one case one was just on the airlines beat. Bill Bongiorno
Bill Bongiorno , April 16, 2012
Schretter: The end game is no longer getting a story published about you in your local paper. Sure that would be great but publishing news releases on your website -- without getting a story written in the media -- can have significant benefits.

If you do it right and optimize your news releases for search engines, your news releases will bring you traffic from prospective clients. The traditional media is no longer as important. It's no longer the only way to benefit from creating news releases

While a bit dated, check out a story I wrote in 2007 about David Meerman Scot, author of "The New Rules of Marketing And PR," at http://www.fa-mag.com/componen...&Itemid=73
agluck , April 16, 2012

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