Rational Expectations During The Crisis

by Andrew Gluck 12/12/2008 6:01:00 PM

At this week’s webinar, Fran Kinniry, CFA, who runs the Investment View A ReplayStrategy Group at The Vanguard Group, addressed rational expectations for the stock and bond markets. Though Kinniry expects stocks to outperform bonds over the long term, he said investors might direct more capital to fixed income investments based on trailing returns. Financial advisors must manage expectations of investors who fall victim to recency. Helping clients overcome such behavior is increasingly where advisors add value for clients. View replay of Mr. Kinniry's presentation and download the slides.

Friday, January 9, 2009: Scott Farnsworth, CEO of SunBridge Inc and founder of the Legacy Builder Network, tells advisorsJanuary 9 how to use an authentic approach to estate planning to make client relationships more rewarding and increase sales.

With so many clients and so much money in motion as a result of the financial crisis, advisors have a historic opportunity to capture new business. But you must communicate that you are trustworthy and capable. Mr. Farnsworth’s coaching programs are very successful and he will speak about his techniques at this session.

Mr. Farnsworth, who was named one of Financial Advisor Magazine’s “Innovators of the Year,” designs and delivers insightful, transformative workshops for professional advisors, and creates practical, imaginative tools that touch hearts and change lives. He is a certified Time to Think Coach and Consultant with nearly three decades of experience as an attorney and a Certified Financial Planner©.

Register now for that session.

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I thought the mechanical information was great (statistics, trends, likely new extremes for history) was very informative. However, Fran's discussion on the alpha of advisors in this information rich (and noisy) age was particularly thoughtful.

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