Raymond James Insurance Launches Annuity Wizard

Tuesday, August 02, 2011 20:13
Raymond James Insurance Launches Annuity Wizard

Raymond James Tuesday launched RightBRIDGE Annuity Wizard, which helps identify the most suitable annuity products for clients.


The RightBRIDGE Annuity Wizard, a new component of the company's sales intelligence solution, gathers key information from clients about their preferences for income, liquidity, time horizon, risk tolerance, expenses, and guarantees. 


"The calculation engine then configures and filters the company's inventory of available annuities and living benefit options then rank orders those that best meet the client's objectives." says a press release from RightBRIDGE. "One highly desirable feature of RightBRIDGE is that it provides robust audit text that assists the professional in communicating how the specific annuity and living benefit configuration meets the client's needs. Reason text also describes for the client and future heirs a disciplined approach used to determine suitability."

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Is anyone aware of an "annuity Wizard" available to the RIA community without being affiliated with a BD? Seems such a program would be immensely valuable to a firm attempting to sort out all of the available options and annuities out there to provide a "fit" product to a client.
mitchellkeil , August 03, 2011

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