Advisors Crave Tablet Applications, But Industry Adoption Is Slow

Monday, October 17, 2011 06:55
Advisors Crave Tablet Applications, But Industry Adoption Is Slow

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Advisors are coming around to the value of tablet computing in their business, but progress toward getting more commercial advisor apps on the market has been slow.

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"Wealth management firms are clearly late to the game," says Alois Pirker of the Aite Group, which conducted a new survey on the topic recently.


Pirker's team discovered that 43% of advisors consider mobile computing important while 34% were neutral. The rest found it of "little" or "no" importance.



The problem has been that despite the proliferation of iPads and other tablet computers in the industry, the key reporting and portfolio management tools that advisors use remain largely desktop-driven.


This is changing as technology providers from SunGard on down start promising us tablet versions of key software platforms some time next year. 


But progress is slow and Pirker believes advisors are ready to switch firms to get the technology they want.


"At a time when switching firms has become a frequent occurrence for financial advisors, wealth management firms must be sure to understand advisors' technological needs in order to retain valued producers."


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Based on the results above I would question whether the respondents were really the advisors. Advisors crave applications that are easy to use, that do not need a manual and preform a valuable functions to serve their clients. This is why the apple products are so popular among advisors, Apple gets it.
BrianEdelman , October 19, 2011

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