New Feature In Firefox 4 Synchs Your Mobile Device With Your PC's Browser

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 19:19
New Feature In Firefox 4 Synchs Your Mobile Device With Your PC's Browser

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If you research a question about a client's Roth IRA conversion, all your research will be on your home or office  computer. That doesn't help when you visit the client and want to show him what your research turned up.

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A new synchronization tool added to Firefox 4, which was released just Tuesday, solves that problem.


Now when I research a question about Roth IRAs or want to buy a new sneakers, I can pull my my bookmarks and browser history from my smartphone.


Every site that I visited to find the answer to the Roth IRA  question can be accessed from a smartphone or tablet, and you can synch multiple mobile devices and computers.


So if you have one computer at home and another one at the office, you can now synch them up automatically. 


The data with your passwords, browser history and bookmarks is all encrypted and stored by Firefox. What's nice about that it you don't have to plug in your device to make it synch; it's done automatically over the Web.


Installing the synch app looked much easier in the instructions than it turned out to be. So it took me over an hour to make it work right. I had trouble getting my phone to connect with the data from my browser. I probably did it wrong.


It was worth the trouble, however. Having my browser history and bookmarks on my phone makes using the mobile Web much easier.









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