If You Have An Android, Check Out Firefox 4 Mobile

Tuesday, March 29, 2011 20:38
If You Have An Android, Check Out Firefox 4 Mobile

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If you have an Android phone or tablet, consider using Firefox 4. Firefox has done a great job to make this browser easy to use and synch it with your desktop.

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Firefox 4 can be found in the Android Market, which is Google's app store for Android.



The new broswer's best feature is that it synchs with your desktop and other computers using Firefox, which makes browsing on a phone much easier. But Firefox 4 Mobile also has some other nice touches.


You can swipe the browser to the right to see additional open tabs and you can tap a URL to access your bookmarks, browsing history and browsing history and bookmarks on your other computers.  


Firefox 4 Mobile debuted yesterday.



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