Use Your Smart Phone Headset On Your Computer For Skype; Buy Fewer Headsets And Use Them On Many Devices

Sunday, June 05, 2011 20:43
Use Your Smart Phone Headset On Your Computer For Skype; Buy Fewer Headsets And Use Them On Many Devices

If technology is supposed to make things simpler, then buying separate headsets for airplanes, Internet phone calls, and a cell phone is infuriating.

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But you don’t have to buy and carry around a headset for your PC. You can get triple-duty from your smart phone headset.
Let’s review the headset conundrum.
Getting double duty from your smart phone headset by using it on airplanes is a no-brainer. Cell phone headsets now almost always work on airplanes.
What you can’t do, however, is connect your smart phone headset to your computer. You can’t use your cell phone headset to make VOIP calls on your computer, Skype, or record notes.
Computers have separate headphone and microphone inputs—two connectors.
On a cell phone, however, the microphone and headphone connections are combined into a single input.  
So when I bought new earbuds last week to use on my cell phone and on airplanes, I was determined to figure out how to split the single connector on my earbuds into two connectors for VOIP calling on my computer.
Happily, I found a good inexpensive solution.  
Since I use my computer to make VOIP calls all day, a good headset for my computer is really important. The wired cell phone headset is better than Bluetooth headsets I’ve tried.
I’m giving up the mobility of Bluetooth, which lets me roam while I am on the phone.  But the improved audio clarity is worthwhile.
It’s a $12.49 adapter, but it’s the little things in life that make me happy.


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In a different vein, if you ARE looking for a good bluetooth solution, readers should look into the Plantronics Calisto Pro series of phones/solutions. I've been using one for years and the quality is outstanding. I do believe they have models capable of VOIP now.
vguettlein , June 07, 2011

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