How To Leave A Telephone Message That Shows You Respect A Person's Time

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 21:40
How To Leave A Telephone Message That Shows You Respect A Person's Time

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I received a voicemail from a job applicant today that made me decide not to return his call. Don’t you hate it when people leave lousy phone messages?

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I can’t stand people who leave a message by blurting their phone number too fast to write down.
You have to rewind and play it back to get the number right. What is with these people?
If you already know how to leave a good voicemail message, then please don’t be offended that I am treating you like an idiot.
While you may not be among those who leave lousy voicemail messages, you know when you’ve received a courteously cadenced phone message.
A favorite voicemail technique I almost always practice is repeating a phone number.
The first time you say a phone number, the receiving party might not have a pen handy. Repeating your callback number shows message-takers you’re a professional.
A related technique is repeating a number that’s told to you. Repeating back a phone number to ensure you got it right is good.
The other thing people do when they leave me messages that drives me nuts is when they say their name and company so fast that you can’t understand it.
It’s won’t end tyranny, disease, or natural disasters, but good voicemail messages is one small way to make the world a better place.     


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Wow, do I agree with your comments, Andy. So what's your plan to end tyranny? (just askin)
janettylerjohnson , June 29, 2011
Cadence and symmetry are also important. They're how we are already trained to remember marketing jingos, our favorite songs, and a variety of other information.

For example:
303 pause
123 pause
45 short pause
67 short pause
Again the number is (repeat)

This technique also works very well spelling out last names that are anything more difficult than "Smith" - take it from me I should know.
vguettlein , June 29, 2011
Another technique is leaving your name, company AND contant number right at the beginning of the voicemail. And quickly get to the point of the message.
JohnLuciano , June 30, 2011
Sometimes truth is obvious, but we need to be reminded. Thanks! I am OK on disciplines discussed except when I am anxious about something.
echeyne , June 30, 2011

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