Don't Buy Your iPad Or iPhone From Apple; Buy It From Your Wireless Carrier So You Won’t Get Screwed By Apple The Way I Did

Thursday, September 13, 2012 21:06
Don't Buy Your iPad Or iPhone From Apple; Buy It From Your Wireless Carrier So You Won’t Get Screwed By Apple The Way I Did

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Six months ago, I bought a new 64 GB third-generation iPad for $829, and I made the mistake of buying it directly from Apple and paying $99 for Apple Care+. It was a terrible mistake and you should avoid doing the same thing. Instead of buying from Apple, I should have bought it from my wireless carrier.

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Two weeks ago, my wife and I were helping our daughter, a senior at NYU, move in to her new place in Manhattan. We all piled furniture and clothing into the car and were set to leave, when I realized that we had no wire to hang a painting. So I ran back into the house in search of picture-hanging wire.
As I walked back to the car, my adorable daughter, Alison, who is about to turn 21, was sitting in the back seat and making a goofy-looking face at me. So I did the same back to her. While I walked to car, I contorted my mouth into a bucktooth grin right back at her.
I was so preoccupied,  I forgot to remove the iPad from the roof of th car.
Yes, I drove off with my iPad on the roof of my car.
By the time I realized I did not have my iPad in the car with me, I was on the Long Island Expressway (LIE), one of the nation’s most traveled, dangerous, and congested highways. I pulled over to look for my iPad, but it was gone, not on my roof and nowhere to be found.  
I called our next door neighbor and frantically asked him to look for the iPad in our driveway. He retraced my three-quarters-of-a-mile route to the highway from my house. But my iPad was gone.
I did not get too upset, however. I buy insurance on all my phones from Verizon and my iPad would surely be covered.
I called Verizon on the way into Manhattan to report the tragedy that had befallen my beloved Apple tablet. Verizon told me I was covered through an insurance policy with Asurion. All I had to do was file a claim. I went online that evening to make the claim and called Asurion. But there was a problem. They had no record of my buying the device.
It turned out that I bought the iPad directly from Apple. And, although Verizon is my wireless service  on the iPad, buying it from Apple meant that I did not purchase an Asurion insurance policy on the device.
And, even though I purchased Apple iCare+ for my iPad, that protection policy was not the same as insurance. Apple iCare covers a broken iPad but not a lost or stolen one.
What's infuriating is that, if I had purchased my iPad from Verizon, it would have had an insurance policy covering the loss. Worse still, if I had a single shard of Monster glass remaining from my iPad, which undoubtedly was smashed on the LIE, Apple says it would have replaced the device.
Apple is a great company but it’s as greedy and evil as any other company. The same way that it is screwing consumers today by changing the power cord connector to make everyone with an iPhone buy a new power cord for their home and car to charge the new iPhone 5, Apple screwed me.
Imagine, buying the iPad fireclty from Apple instead of from Verizon put me at a disadvantage! iPads bought from Apple cannot be insured!  
Don’t make the same mistake. Buy your iPad and your iPhone from your wireless carrier. Otherwise you risk getting screwed by Apple the way I was.


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Thanks for the warning!
timknotts , September 14, 2012
Andy: I know it's probably too late now but did you try the Find My iPad feature to locate the iPad? And thanks for the tip. You do pay extra for the insurance but in this case it would have been WAY worth it. Sorry about your tragedy. I'd have been heartbroken.
janettylerjohnson , September 14, 2012
There is even a better solution. By your warranty from Square
The warrantee is far superior to Asurion. You can buy your iPad anywhere without getting roped into long-term contracts. You won't necessarily need an additional Wi-Fi service if you have a hotspot function on your phone which would allow you to connect up to 10 different devices to the Internet at one time. It covers things that Asurion doesn't cover with lower deductibles.
cfreedman , September 14, 2012
Did you check with the credit card company you used purchased the iPad? Many of our clients have had similar experiences and the credit card company came through.
BrianEdelman , September 14, 2012
I would hesitate to go so far as to say that apple is "greedy and evil" in this situation. It surely is VERY unfortunate, but its not apple's fault or responsibility. I absolutely understand why apple doesn't replace lost devices. I've done the same thing and it is increadibly frustrating, but your anger is a bit misplaced here in my opinion.
kstokes , September 17, 2012
If buying from Apple directly is an alternative to buying from my wireless provider (Verizon), then Apple should make it clear that clear that its iCare is not the same as insurance from Verizon. I could just as easily have purchased through Verizon and have been covered.

Again, I always insure hardware I buy from Verizon, and would have no expectation buying the iCare protection plan from Apple for my iPad would be different from buying the protection plan from Apple.

Where you purchase your iPad -- from a wireless carrier or Apple -- should have no bearing on your coverage. And if it does, then the difference should be disclosed in plain English.

As a business owner who gets into these kinds of situations from time to time, I bend over backwards to fully disclose facts. I make accommodations when something goes wrong with a customer, even when it is technically not the fault of my company. Apple didn't do the right thing in this instance.

And, yes, Brian, I checked with American Express, since my iPad was purchased with an Amex card. But "purchase protection" from Amex is only good for 90 days from the purchase date. My iPad was five months old.
agluck , September 19, 2012

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