PC Labs Reviews The Top 10 Security Software Suites

Tuesday, December 28, 2010 09:01
PC Labs Reviews The Top 10 Security Software Suites

While I doubt anyone is going to swtich security suites based on this review, it is useful to see how your security app stacks up.

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The PC Labs test of security suites does not name a winner. It says most of the best known programs do one thing or another better than its rivals but they're all overall about the same.

But the main points are that you want to be using one of the major programs and that you want a suite.

Some of the minor players could be taxing your processor to handle security. The PC Labs test did name "RAM Hogs," which drain resources you need for computing tasks to fight security threats. PC Tools, G-Data and BitDefender made it to the top of this list.


The other important takeaway: 


"It's no longer enough for antivirus software to scan files on your PC," says PC World. "You need someone looking over your shoulder and telling you whether it's safe to click that link; whether the popup for that software update is legitimate; and whether that download from your favorite social network is actually a tool created by organized criminals for stealing your personal information.

"You need an all-in-one Internet security suite capable of identifying, blocking, and cleaning up after a wide array of malware," says PC World. 


At least one advisor tech consultant to advisors is OEMing a security suite to provide all of these features: Financial Computer Services, which is owned by A4A blogger Brian Edelman


If you know of any other tech cnsultants offering such a web-based security suite, please post information here about it. Or you can also pose questions for Edelman here about the product, which sounds like a good iea for me because it allows advisors to outsource their security site to a firm specializing in advisor technology.  





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To make the selection on virus protection even more confusing, the way it is installed and updated (Retail, Corporate or Managed) may be as important as the selection of the manufacturer and product suite. I will write a Blog to explain.
BrianEdelman , December 28, 2010

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