Hackers Expected To Attack Workstations and Servers That Have RDP Enabled

Wednesday, March 21, 2012 09:28
Hackers Expected To Attack Workstations and Servers That Have RDP Enabled

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If you use RDP, Citrix or 2X to connect to your office please advise your tech team to verify this Microsoft patch has been installed to prevent possible data breach.


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On Tuesday March 13, Microsoft released a patch for a critical vulnerability in its operating systems.

We strongly encourages you to investigate this risk and take the appropriate steps to protect your operations and data from loss, theft or corruption

This vulnerability applies to Microsoft Windows workstations and servers.  If you do not directly manage your network, please contact your technical support provider to ensure they are addressing this risk on your behalf


The patches can be applied automatically using Windows Update.  Alternatively, they can be downloaded individually for manual installation here http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/security/bulletin/ms12-0


Additional information can be found in the link below



Microsoft expects that an actual exploit will be developed within 30 days.  However, a sample “proof of concept” exploit has already been discovered on an international hacking site, increasing the urgency of addressing this risk

as always, safe computing best practices include:


1)      Routinely applying software updates and patches

2)      Keep your anti-virus software up to date

3)      Not opening unexpected email attachments, even if from trusted sources

4)      Ensuring your systems are protected by a firewall


Reducing your general exposure to the internet, such as shutting down your computers when not in use and only connecting to trusted, secured WiFi and physical networks, will also limit your vulnerability to malware and other compromises.

Again, please reach out to your technical support providers to ensure your operations are protected.

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