Mac Users: Don't Install "Free Twit Tube;" Trojan Targeting Macs Reportedly Spreading

Thursday, March 21, 2013 10:12
Mac Users: Don't Install

Tags: malware

It used to be that you would buy a Mac and avoid malware and viruses. That doesn't work as well in recent years as Macs have become a more attractive target. Now, a new trojan is spreading that specifically is aimed at Macs.

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"The malware attempts to monetize its attack by injecting ads into Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (the most popular browsers on Apple’s desktop platform) in the hopes that users will generate money for its creators by viewing (and maybe even clicking) them," says The Next Web.

Under the cover of a browser plugin, media player, video-quality enhancement program, or download accelerator, the malware prompts you to install the trojan. Once you download the that app, you are asked to install “Free Twit Tube” or something similar. Don't do it.

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