7 Million Dropbox Accounts Compromised

Tuesday, October 14, 2014 13:01
7 Million Dropbox Accounts Compromised

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Due to a breach in account security, all Dropbox users are urged to immediately change their password.  An anonymous hacker has leaked 420 usernames and passwords, and claims to have nearly 7 million in total.

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Dropbox claims their security has not been compromised, but instead the stolen usernames and passwords occurred from a third party service.  However, they have been quick to act and expired the passwords for the compromised accounts.


Since most people use the same logins and passwords for multiple services the hackers now have access to even more of your personal information.


Here are some tips on how you can avoid this happening to you:


Network Attached Storage (NAS) Device - Today’s NAS devices use an app that allow them to work just like Dropbox and is our top recommendation.  This is a secure private device that sits in your office that your employees can share files on.  The information stored on these devices is backed up, encrypted and stored online, in a very private and secure environment, and is only accessed in the case of a disaster. 


2-Factor Authentication – This two-step process uses something you know and something you have.  A hacker can steal your password (the something you know) but they cannot steal the something you have.  2-Factor Authentication should be enabled on all of your programs that contain any sensitive information. 


Different Passwords – You should always use different passwords for all of your programs.  This includes all social media sites, banking sites and computer logins.


Password Manager – Using a password manager, such as LastPass, eliminates the need for you to enter your password into all of your programs and applications.  A password manager encrypts and stores all of your login information.  Should a hacker gain access to your computer, he will not be able to see the passwords you use.


Any data breach will hurt the company experiencing it.  The company’s reputation will be ruined and their clients’ trust will be broken.  Make sure you take the appropriate steps to keep your information safe.


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